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Chapter 30 The New Scripture

  • Two hours after the fire went out, we finally got closer.
  • Most of Harry's men were instantly killed by the explosion, while the remaining few were already burned to death by the unforgiving flames. These people relied on the strength in their numbers and acted wantonly on this island. It was a blessing to everyone else now that they were dead.
  • We scoured through the ‘battlefield’ and found four knives, which of course had to be stored away as supplies.
  • Then, we returned to the base of the Thrashing Knives Sect and pushed open the door to the house. To our surprise, there was a trembling woman sitting on the bed.
  • It was none other than Margaret Linton!
  • She sat on the bed looking at me in fear and said, “J-Jonathan, please spare my life.”
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