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Chapter 295 I Will Never Forget Your Favor

  • Although Hazel didn’t understand why I was in a hurry, she still brought me back to the tribe. Everyone was shocked when they saw that I had returned. Surprised, Len asked, “My friend, you’re finally back. What took you so long? Did you get anything from there?”
  • Hearing how worried he was, I smiled helplessly. “Please don’t mention it. Oh yes, where’s the woman I brought with me?”
  • “Since you didn’t give an order, we helped you feed her. For the past three months, we’ve even developed a fondness for her.”
  • “What?”
  • “Let’s go.” He then led me into a house where Celeste, whose limbs were tied up, lived. At this point, her tight-fitting dress had become worn out. Perhaps it was because she had been fed with food like this for the past three months that she had gained some weight.
  • Seeing me, she immediately started tearing up. “Where have you been? I thought you’d never come back again!”
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