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Chapter 294 Learning the Ultimate Technique

  • Sadly, the training was rather dull. As I stood there without moving at all, I tried to focus on the cultivation. Standing by my side, Hazel asked in curiosity, “Mister, why are you looking at this cave fixedly?”
  • I replied gently, “Hazel, I have to stay here, so please don’t speak to me unless I go looking for you.”
  • “Ah? Alright…”
  • I then shifted my attention back to the cave. For some reason, by just looking at the cave, which was split open by a sword, I could run the Thunder Sword Technique more quickly. At this moment, I could see nothing else but the cave.
  • When night descended upon us, Hazel said, “Mister, why did you not come to me? The sky is dark. If we don’t go back now, Grandpa will end up lecturing us. Mister, don’t you feel hungry? I’m starving… Alright, I’ll go back to have a meal and come back later.”
  • I had wanted to reply to her, but I was totally immersed in the cultivation. If I replied to her, all my effort so far would be wasted. Getting no reply from me, Hazel turned to leave in disappointment.
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