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Chapter 288 Celeste Begs for Mercy

  • They all looked at me in curiosity. However, I didn’t think I should tell them the secret of the deserted island for the time being, as they were all powerful people. What if they came to the island and became the dominant power? Now, I had to get to know more about them first. I was a kind man, but I wasn’t willing to let my fate be decided by other people.
  • When the night descended upon us, the old captain invited us to have a meal with them. In fact, the food they ate was terrible, which were mostly raw meat and some unknown vegetables. They simply tried to make sure the food was cooked and seasoning was basically non-existent. Come to think of it, they couldn’t even go to the town in their current state, let alone getting their hands on seasoning.
  • Therefore, I told them, “When I go back, I’ll try to get some seasoning for you to add flavors to your food.”
  • The old captain replied with a smile, “Thanks. Why don’t you stay here overnight?”
  • I agreed to it and brought some food to Celeste, who took a look at them in fright and asked, “What are they talking about? Are they going to eat me?”
  • Suddenly thinking of something, I replied, “Yes, they’re going to eat you.”
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