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Chapter 281 Do You Really Care About Me?

  • Fabian smiled and nodded at me, then he told me to eat up and enjoy the performances going on. However, I was in no mood to do so.
  • After I finished eating in a hurry, Fabian arranged a guest room for me and told me that I could stay here as long as I wished.
  • Entering the guest room unhappily, I sprawled on the bed as Rosalie’s image played over and over in my mind.
  • Not long after that, someone suddenly entered my room. It turned out to be Melody.
  • She sat by my side, smiling. “Fabian is really rich and powerful. He sent Rosalie so many gifts that they couldn’t all fit in her room. Whatever that’s pretty or interesting are all hers now.”
  • I asked, “Is he with Rosalie now?”
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