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Chapter 279 Redeeming the Situation

  • I looked at Naomi blankly and asked, “Why?”
  • “Rosalie is the kind of woman who is accustomed to being on a pedestal...” Naomi said. “In your eyes, you think that Fabian Wade is better than you, right? You’re worried that you’re no match for him, correct?”
  • I nodded. “Yeah.”
  • Thus, Naomi gently explained, “But to Rosalie, that’s only to be expected. Whatever Fabian gives her, others can give her too. In her eyes, men are just dogs, but you alone are different. You’ve saved her, and when everyone looked down on her or even wanted to kill her, you were the only one who had helped and protected her.”
  • Chelsea spoke up as well. “Yeah, if she doesn’t care about you, why would she take out the badge of authority to save you? To be honest, I knew she had that badge of authority way earlier, but she hadn’t taken it out before. She didn’t want you to know as she was aware that you would feel hurt. It was only because of that emergency situation today that Rosalie took out the badge of authority. She just didn't want to see you come to harm.”
  • I said dejectedly, “I just hate my own incompetence! I’m well aware that Rosalie didn’t do anything wrong. My rage came from being humiliated and my hatred of the gap between me and others!”
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