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Chapter 278 Running Away From Home

  • After Rosalie’s clothes were violently torn off by me, her fair and graceful body emerged.
  • She’s so beautiful, just like a fairy.
  • No matter how many times I saw her, I still felt that she was a masterpiece that someone like me should not lay my hands on. Compared to her brilliance, I was like an ugly toad in the pond!
  • Rosalie refused to throw in the towel just like that. So, she looked into my eyes and sneered, “Are you gonna bully me? Well, I guess this is the only way you know how to take me down. You know that I despise you, shameless jerk, so you use this kind of shameless and degrading method to obtain me. You b*stardly dog! You insolent freak, do you really think that you’re no longer ugly now that your complexion is a little better than before?”
  • “Shut up!”
  • “I’m not gonna shut up! I’ll say my mind and you’ll listen. You’re a scumbag! You’re the worst! You’re…”
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