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Chapter 263 Coming Back Is Better Than Anything Else

  • When everyone heard that Brivey Palace was on the verge of being utterly destroyed on that island, we were all stunned into silence. Jovie couldn't help but say, “The Auspicious Cloud Heart Sutra is more enigmatic and unpredictable than other techniques. How can it perish?”
  • I replied, “I don’t know, but it’s a fact.”
  • “I would never have expected this...” Then, she lamented, “If we go there again, I’m afraid there will be danger waiting for us.”
  • Chelsea hurriedly said, “Yes, Empress. None of us dare to let anyone know that we’re cultivating the Auspicious Cloud Heart Sutra. Nowadays, everyone just hides in a dilapidated house and has King Yates go out for tasks and investigations. Strictly speaking, he is the reason why everyone is still alive! We have gone through a hard fight. Also, we are scarce of resources, and our clothes are all tattered or lost. In order to come back and find you, I’ve especially borrowed clothes from Yvette.”
  • Jovie sighed. “You have worked hard.”
  • I said, “It’s fine. I’m planning to go! Now that Brivey Palace has been destroyed, their secrets and treasures may be lost in the world. I will investigate them there and bring them back to you, Empress. We need to know our enemies as well as we know ourselves. Empress, how can you know nothing about the other side?”
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