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Chapter 262 Returning to the City

  • I didn’t return empty-handed. Instead, I brought some salt and ketchup along with me to prove that I had been to this place. After all, that was the least I could do in order not to let my people down.
  • As soon as we arrived at the deserted island, Chelsea and I couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. I wonder how those people at Brivey Palace are going to react when they see me.
  • Upon our arrival, we noticed that the place still looked pretty much the same, while the guards at the gate were instantly stunned at the sight of my presence. “Y-You…”
  • The guards had their eyes widened in disbelief. “King Yates?!” As soon as those words were heard, everyone else on the streets shifted their eyes to us in surprise.
  • “It’s King Yates! How did he make it back here?”
  • “I thought he was already dead.”
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