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Chapter 26 The Crying Rosalie

  • We talked all night. Part of our conversation revolved around the past, while the rest was about our impending revenge.
  • When dawn broke, Penelope was about to leave, much to our unwillingness.
  • But we did make a promise that no matter where we went or who we were with, we would be best mates who helped each other.
  • As expected, Gordon didn't follow them. Instead, he made a plan overnight and told me to sit next to him.
  • It turned out that he had drawn a map.
  • “Look, this is the place where Harry lives. I've secretly observed it before...” Gordon paused for a while before continuing, “I think it was originally a monument in the ancient times. There are steep cliffs on three sides, and it’s surrounded by mountains. Only the main entrance is passable. The other three sides are too difficult to climb.”
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