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Chapter 258 Practice With Me

  • Yvette’s words made us sink into silence. Of course, my lie could not be kept under wraps forever. I knew that we had to come clean to Jovie sooner or later. As it was impossible for her to stay on the deserted island forever, it was only a matter of time before she sent someone over to investigate. My reputation was increasingly well-known in Thunder City and people around me would soon learn about my origins.
  • At that time, Jovie would be furious at being lied to. Instead of waiting for her to find out on her own, I would rather own up to my doings.
  • It so happened that the Royal Army was getting stronger. We had recruited many men who had fought in vicious battles. If I faced off Jovie with the backing of the Royal Army, the power disparity between us would shrink greatly. With the Royal Army behind me, even Jovie Ellis would not have the guts to attack us recklessly.
  • However, it’s not the time to confess to Jovie yet!
  • At that thought, I advised Yvette, “How about this? We will find another time to meet Jovie together. What do you think?”
  • She giggled. “Sure. She will be very happy for us.”
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