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Chapter 252 Let You Rest Easy

  • I got busy and helped the Royal Army to load the cart. When we were finally done, Naomi and Tamara returned at long last. Staring at Naomi, I couldn’t help getting enraptured. With makeup, she concealed the birthmark on her face that had been faint in the first place. She’d also changed and was now wearing a tulle dress that was semitranslucent, although she also paired it with a white dress underneath for modesty purposes, appearing utterly pure and lovely.
  • “Do I look nice?” she queried in slight embarrassment.
  • This is my first time seeing all of her face. How beautiful… Swallowing, I exclaimed, “You’re stunning, honey!”
  • Tamara nodded as well. “You indeed look much better now. If Miss Yates is 100 marks barefaced, then you’re already 90 marks after dolling yourself up,” she commented.
  • “Stop mentioning her!” Naomi snapped furiously.
  • Meanwhile, I hugged her with a smile on my face. “Don’t be sad. When you reach the third stage in your cultivation, your birthmark will be completely gone. At that time, you’ll be stunning without having to apply any makeup.”
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