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Chapter 248 A Bunch of *ssholes

  • I placed Chelsea down and chuckled at Rosalie. “I think I did.”
  • “Really? Then did you receive any reward?”
  • “Not yet.” I shook my head. “The Sect Leader and the elders have left. They said that my contribution is too great, so they have to discuss what should be my reward.”
  • But Rosalie lashed out, “I asked because I was worried about you, but you’re only telling me nonsense! Do you think I’m in the mood to joke around with you now?”
  • “He wasn’t kidding.” Next to me, Naomi took down her helmet and giggled. “Jonathan really made a huge contribution this time!”
  • “Naomi!” Chelsea placed her arms around Naomi in joy. “What brought you here, Naomi?”
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