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Chapter 246 Hero

  • Those of Cloud City handled affairs very quickly and the people were escorted out of the city one after another, coming to my Royal Army in the night. Most of those who came were women and children, and only a few were fit men. I instructed the Royal Army to leave with them and Gordon as well; such a huge escort mission couldn't be done without him.
  • Naomi held my hand and said earnestly, “Let me stay here with you, okay? I can’t stand days without you any longer. Regardless of life or death, I wish to be by your side.”
  • Touched by her sincerity, I nodded. “Alright, stay here with me.”
  • When the people were gone, there were only ten from the Royal Army left with me. We rode on horses and watched as the city gates opened and the people dressed as soldiers came out to fetch water. By the time they retreated to the city gates, I’d already prepared my bow and arrow, aiming straight at Pablo, who was at the top of the city wall. Upon seeing me, he flashed me a smile.
  • He’s a hero.
  • I released my bow, and a Demon Slaying Arrow shot toward him. The arrow struck him in his throat and he fell from the wall.
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