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Chapter 245 Go on a Siege

  • Gordon had a similar concern, as was evident from his expression. After mulling over the situation, he asked, “What do you make of this, King Yates?”
  • “I won’t doubt the people I chose to trust, so I will be going. Besides, I am merely a centurion, so I don’t see why he would want to frame me,” I said.
  • “Hmm…” Gritting his teeth, Gordon finally agreed. “Well, I suppose the higher the stakes, the greater the payoff.”
  • Leroy was overjoyed by our response. “We are grateful for having your trust! I will show you in right away!”
  • While hugging me dearly, Naomi said, “I’m scared… What if you get into danger in the city?”
  • With a gentle tone, I consoled her. “I will be back, so don’t you worry. Let’s go.”
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