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Chapter 241 Hypocrite

  • With Naomi’s participation, we made short work of the enemy, destroying their morale. In the end, the cavalry’s morale was lost, and they escaped. “Surrender and you shall live!” I roared.
  • The cavalry quickly dismounted and tossed their weapons away before surrendering to me. I let out a long sigh and looked at the defeated enemies before raising my blade to the sky. “The cavalry has been defeated!”
  • Everyone cheered. “Milord!”
  • “Collect our loot!” I commanded.
  • Everyone quickly collected our loot and counted the losses. Thirty members from my Royal Army died in this battle, leaving us with a mere fifty-five. The report pained me, for those who died were loyal to me.
  • Gordon noticed my sadness, and he stood beside me. “Do not be sad. This is what war is like. It’s a miracle that our troop of infantries managed to win against those cavalries. This is huge.”
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