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Chapter 240 Kill You

  • The cavalry wouldn’t let us go that easily. Since they had no way to retreat, they’d try to kill as many of us as possible, so they kept rushing at us, their eyes red with bloodlust.
  • “Cross the river!” Under Gordon’s command, the Royal Army jumped into the river, but the cavalry couldn’t. Even though it wasn’t a wide river, horses would have difficulty crossing, so the cavalry stopped and brandished their bow and arrow.
  • “They’ll be sitting ducks!” I yelled.
  • “Calm down! Everyone, do it!” Gordon yelled, and the Royal Army brandished a small item.
  • Are those… crossbows? The crossbows were already loaded, and while the cavalry were still docking their arrows, our crossbowmen were already shooting arrows at them. Caught by surprise, they were quickly taken down.
  • The Royal Army soldiers who didn’t manage to cross the river went back and chased the horses away. Being animals, horses knew nothing of discipline, and the cavalry were sent running around; some horses even crashed against each other.
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