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Chapter 231 Gather the Troops

  • Never would I be able to withstand Melody’s allure, so I did dual cultivation with her on the boat. Since we were surrounded by the sea, she keened particularly loudly and exhilaratingly. When we were done, she sat at the bow with a hand over her stomach and gazed out at the sea silently. Rowing the boat, I asked, “What’s wrong?”
  • She looked over her shoulder at me. “I’m praying that I’ll conceive.”
  • “Hmm? Why the sudden desire?”
  • “Do you want to know?”
  • “Yup.”
  • Inhaling deeply, Melody shouted out at the sea all of a sudden, “I’m so happy! I want to be Jonathan Yates’ woman! I’m his property! I’ve grown even more beautiful and have fallen in love with him! I don’t want to fritter my days away as I did in the past. I want to become very much charming, a sexy beauty whom everyone wants to bang. However, I’ll always belong to Jonathan Yates alone! I want to have his child!”
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