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Chapter 23 I Will Slap You First

  • When night descended upon us, we packed up our stuff and hit the road. Displeasure was written all over Rosalie’s face as she led the way without taking a look at us. She knew the location of Class One because Harry told her about it before.
  • John knew that as well, but whenever he wanted to approach Rosalie, she would tell him to go to the back, as she didn’t want to see him. Following her, I carefully observed the environment around us.
  • Since Melody’s legs had recovered slightly, I didn’t have to carry her on my back anymore, but she still needed my support when walking. Looking at Rosalie’s figure, she whispered in my ear, “Rosalie might appear to be sharp-tongued, but she’s a soft-hearted woman. She’s just pretending to be fierce, so please don’t blame her. On this island, only you are willing to protect her.”
  • Recalling that Rosalie had saved me before, I nodded. “I will.”
  • Melody said after a sigh, “She’s a poor girl who lost her mother very early on, so she has never experienced motherly love before.”
  • Her words puzzled me. “Aren’t you always keeping her company?”
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