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Chapter 226 Ambush

  • That disciple was immediately stupefied, and so were his men. However, we were already charging at them frantically. After a good night’s rest and the meal earlier, we were now fully energized, while those people probably went through a tough fight last night, so they didn’t have the time to catch a break.
  • As we engaged in a fight, that disciple yelled furiously, “You’re despicable! Sneaking up on us when we’re tired!”
  • I snorted. “Nobody cares about that in a battlefield!” With my knife in hand, I hacked at him non-stop.
  • This guy was in the Mid-Profound Stage just like me, but he tried to dodge my attacks pathetically while I forced him to retreat with my blows until he yelled, “B*stard! If I wasn’t attacked three times in a row last night and lost all my strength, you’d never be my match!”
  • “Luck is a part of strength as well!” I replied indifferently as I landed the final blow on his chest, making him sit on the ground limply.
  • Upon seeing that their leader was defeated, the Outer Disciples stopped their resistance and fighting. With a smirk, I instructed, “Hand over all your bracelets!”
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