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Chapter 225 Get Them

  • Holding his blade, Charlie closed in on us step by step and said coldly, “Even trash like you have the nerves to hinder my future! If I don’t kill you now, I won’t be able to release this anger in my chest!”
  • “Jonathan!” Tamara cried out and stood guard next to me. “Thrashing Knives Sect, send someone over now! Somebody is going against the rules!”
  • “How dare you!” someone shouted from the bushes, then we saw a figure jumping out swiftly, who was none other Blade Mania! Upon seeing the scene, he bellowed, “How dare you, Charlie! You’re already ‘dead’, but still want to harm your peers!”
  • Right in front of our eyes, Charlie acted like a tyrant and said arrogantly, “Please investigate carefully, Master! I didn’t do that!”
  • “It’s obvious that you tried to harm us,” Tamara cried out hastily. “Elder Blade Mania, I saw everything clearly! He even wanted to kill me earlier!”
  • “Master, they’re the ones who cheated. Earlier, I already admitted my defeat when I had the paint on my neck, but they wanted to beat me up to vent their frustrations, so I was forced to draw my blade. In the end, they began shouting around, and that’s when I realized that they were scheming against me!”
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