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Chapter 220 Would You Like Me to Join You?

  • “Damn, that’s cheating!”
  • “What Jonathan is doing now is definitely cheating!”
  • “No, it’s not!”
  • Everyone present began discussing in surprise, but I ignored everything they said and focused on lifting the carriage. After what felt like a long while, Tamara told me anxiously, “Jonathan, you already have ten points.”
  • Only then, I released my grip on the iron staff. However, everyone was hopping mad with rage and demanded an explanation.
  • “Calm down, everyone, and let us, the elders, discuss it for a moment.” Hurriedly, the elders gathered, and finally, it was Blade Mania who spoke on the stage solemnly, “Since we already said that any method is alright, then Jonathan’s method is of course okay! The situation on a battlefield will change rapidly, and he used wisdom to make up for his lack of strength, which makes sense to us. With all that said, Jonathan did not display any use of martial arts, so the others are not allowed to use this method after this! In addition, Jonathan’s score will be reduced greatly, from ten to five points!”
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