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Chapter 218 Becoming a Slave

  • I observed the scene in shock before glancing at my own portion. What the f*ck is going on? Isn’t the Thrashing Knives Sect a powerful sect? How did anybody manage to poison our food? At that moment, I noticed that Rachel was also coughing up blood, and she looked extremely haggard.
  • “Worry not,” Blade Mania stood up before saying coldly. “The food isn’t poisoned.” While all of us were staring at him, he continued, “The pill we gave you before the test was a Fortification Pill that could momentarily improve your skills so that you’re able to score better points during the test. However, we also added a small amount of powdered Pills of Vitality into your meals. After taking the Fortification Pill and Pill of Vitality in succession, your Qi would be so condensed that your body can hardly take it.”
  • A pill? I was dumbfounded by the revelation, as I assumed that he only gave it to me, but from how things turned out, it sure seemed that everybody got it from him.
  • With a smirk, Blade Mania ordered, “The Thrashing Knives Sect don’t need a bunch of trash who cheated. Those who coughed up blood will be stripped of your cultivation bases and turned into slaves!”
  • This is... So this is what the pill was for! I was utterly baffled.
  • “Jonathan, don’t you panic.” Tamara tried to console me. “I hosted a lot of events in Thrashing Knives Sect, so I’ve seen them test their disciples on multiple occasions. This is because the sect has a fair electoral process, so everybody gets a chance to become an elder or even the head of the sect. Thus, they will, by all means, filter out those who have malicious intentions.”
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