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Chapter 213 Kissing Yvette

  • I was feeling a little awkward as I couldn’t let Yvette know that I had been cultivating The Path of Solar Fire. Thus, I told her, “I am shy, and I am more familiar with them...”
  • “To be honest, so am I.” All of a sudden, she sat down beside me. “Why don’t you tell me how to help you? I might be able to do it too.”
  • After giving the situation some thought, I asked shyly, “Can you kiss me?”
  • Since I wasn’t training, and that I only needed to recover my stamina, a kiss would suffice. More importantly, she wouldn’t know about The Path of Solar Fire through kissing me. Meanwhile, my request seemed to have amused her. “I don’t know. I’ve never kissed anybody.”
  • I was rather surprised by her answer. “Have you never kissed anybody? But... you seem rather open about things like that.”
  • “How is that so?”
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