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Chapter 209 Unparalleled Bliss

  • The feeling of such unparalleled bliss was so overwhelming that I felt I was going crazy. I never expected someone as proud as Rosalie to refer to herself as my woman. While I pulled her into a tight embrace, she buried her face in my arms before she went on, “I never intended to move to the other house. I only wanted Melody and Yvette to move, as I am comfortable here. Plus, I get to stay with you.”
  • “So why did you say you want a room of your own?”
  • Biting her lip, she finally mustered up enough courage to speak up. “I wanted to show off to you so that you will beg for me to stay. Initially, I was planning to have you beg a few times before I move back in, but I didn’t expect you to get so jealous. You were the one who said you would pamper me, you liar.”
  • “My goddess...” I planted a kiss on her forehead. “I’m not a liar, but I am an idiot. I was so jealous that I forgot that’s just how you are. Sorry, it’s my fault that we quarrelled. You will always be the goddess I love and dote on.”
  • “You shameless jerk, let me hug you.” Like a koala, she hung herself on me while sitting on my lap by pinning my waist in between both her legs. After a while, she lifted her head to look at me. “I will miss you everytime you leave. It’s infuriating that I miss someone as lowly as you.”
  • “Do you miss me alot?”
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