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Chapter 208 Arranged Marriage

  • Meanwhile, Rosalie stared at me curiously while saying, “What’s wrong with moving houses? We’re still living together since the houses are next to each other. Now that the walls will be demolished, we will simply have more space.”
  • “Are you complaining that my place here is too small, so you feel uncomfortable living here?”
  • “Jonathan, your jealousy is getting a little too overt,” Rosalie said while wearing a frown. “I’m trying to secure a backup plan so that Fabian will buy us off if you lose the battle. Since he’s doing this for our sake, I can’t possibly always give him the cold shoulder.”
  • “Despite what he said, anyone who’s not blind can see that he just wants to have sex with you!”
  • “You son of a b*tch!” All of a sudden, Rosalie gave me a slap on the face as she was riled up. “You’re just reacting out of jealousy! Stop throwing a tantrum! If it wasn’t for our predicament, I would’ve never even associated myself with lowlives like him, you idiot! Watch what you’re saying!” She was so furious that she gave me another slap before turning to leave for her room in anger.
  • Feelings of distaste overcame me while I was rubbing my face. While I knew it was childish of me to be jealous, the fact that Rosalie owed Fabian such a huge favor just didn’t sit right with me.
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