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Chapter 206 Starting a Trade

  • As soon as Jovie said so, both Naomi and Gordon kneeled on the ground. “Thank you, Your Highness!”
  • The soldiers kneeled down in unison as well. “Thank you, Your Highness!”
  • However, Jovie didn’t pay attention to any of them. Instead, she approached me slowly. While staring down at me, she praised in a soft voice, “You have good
  • I lifted my head to look at her as I was worried that she might’ve discovered my identity. However, I saw that she was looking in the direction of the newly discovered island, and her eyes were teary while she heaved a sigh. After that, she mumbled to herself, “Jonathan, it will be great if you can see this for yourself. It will be great if you can come back to me... Instead of Xavier, why do you have to be the one I lose? You did a great job behind my back, but I do not blame you. I will never blame you, as all I wish for is your return.”
  • My heart ached at her confession, and while I wanted to tell her that I was right in front of her, I couldn’t! I could only watch as she left in dejection while everyone called out to her with Naomi in the lead, “Farewell, Your Highness!”
  • In response, she merely dismissed us with a wave of her hand to indicate silence. After she left, Gordon came up to me before exclaiming, “Lucky us that Jovie didn’t make a move. Her power is overwhelming! If she did decide to attack us, we sure wouldn’t stand a chance against her.”
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