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Chapter 199 How Dare You Waste Time on Feeling Jealous

  • I stared at Fabian in awe. He wasn’t only handsome, but also powerful, and he had a high status, so I wondered why he would fall for Rosalie. Meanwhile, Rosalie said, “I’m not the only one you have to buy off, but them as well, as they’re my friends.”
  • “As you wish,” said Fabian with a mesmerized look on his face. “My queen, everything I own belongs to you, and so does my money.”
  • “Are you sure you have enough to buy all of us?” asked Rosalie.
  • Fabian nodded in the affirmative. “Yeah, and most importantly, nobody will dare fight with me as soon as I offer a price.”
  • “Okay, then.” Rosalie rested her head on her hand before saying casually, “Jonathan, since Fabian will buy us off and nobody has to die, you should save yourself by not joining the battle. By the way, Fabian, what if I didn’t fall in love with you after you bought us?”
  • Upon hearing her question, Fabian quickly replied, “I will obey your wish. You can get together with whomever you like, for I am happy as long as you are.”
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