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Chapter 191 Rumors of His Death

  • The news took me by surprise, as I didn’t understand how there could be disharmony when there was nothing going on. Naomi proceeded to report, “Do you remember Zachary, the leader of the garrison?”
  • “Of course, I do,” I replied.
  • “As of late, his training has not yielded results, so he has been grumpy,” said Naomi. “While in the city, he would lash out at the citizens, so everybody is shunning him. When I tried to tell him off, not only did he give me an attitude, but he...”
  • There was a look of anger on Naomi’s face as soon as she reached that part of the report. Although I knew the reason Zachary wasn’t able to improve was because Queenie had been absorbing all of his base, I wasn’t sure what happened to Naomi, so I asked, “What, then?”
  • “He molested me, as well as made conjectures of you being dead since you’ve been away for such a long time. Not only did he tell me I am being widowed, but he also humiliated me.”
  • That sonofab*tch! He is a true jerk! Anger surged within me as I thought. “Why would he pronounce me dead in the first place?”
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