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Chapter 184 Improve My Archery Skills

  • Yvette seemed rather unfazed as she explained, “While you need to practice your archery, we also need to train our skills in evading projectiles, so isn’t it great if we train together?”
  • With a clap of her hand, Melody chuckled. “Yeah, you should aim at us! We can take it as an opportunity to practice Ethereal Mnemonic.”
  • I couldn’t help but ask, “What if I shot you by accident?”
  • What I said made Yvette laugh. “How could you with your skills? You’re so mediocre yet so confident in your abilities.” I snapped as soon as I heard her words of mockery, so I shot the arrow instantly, only for her to evade it with much ease, thus drew the bow once again.
  • “Great! That’s the way!” A chuckle could be heard from Yvette before she said, “Practical experience is the best training!”
  • Meanwhile, Chelsea couldn’t help but cry out, “You should at least change your clothes! Don’t jump around in your mini skirt!”
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