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Chapter 181 Harsh On the Outside, but a Softie on the Inside

  • A strong force was surging within me, and I could also feel that Chelsea’s force was getting stronger, finally reaching the Early Profound Stage. With a shudder, she flopped onto the grass before flipping herself on her back with a hand on her belly. There was a look of bliss on her face when she said, “It would be great if I could bear your child. I finally met a man who’s worth all the wait.”
  • I held her in my arms dearly while promising in a gentle voice, “I will take good care of you.”
  • “Yeah...” After another kiss, she said emotionally, “I do not compare to Rosalie, do I? But I will work hard. All of me belongs to you, from my body, my heart, and even my life.”
  • I said in a low voice, “Let’s not think about any of those. While you’re not as attractive as Rosalie, your gentleness makes up for everything.”
  • “Then I will become better than her.” Chelsea was putting on her clothes when all of a sudden, she tore down the hem of her dress that was sewed on.
  • “What’s that for?” I asked.
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