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Chapter 17 Kill Him!

  • Harry’s subordinates were busying themselves with decorating the rundown building. After searching through the entire place, they managed to somehow find a wedding gown which they sent into Rosalie’s room. They sure found themselves a nice place to live in.
  • In the afternoon, Rosalie was offered a bowl of piping-hot instant noodles which they sent into her room. She was delighted to receive it, as seen when she squatted beside me while smacking her lips. “Isn’t this such a nice place? Although a little rundown, it’s equipped with rooms, beds, as well as cooking utensils.”
  • “Do you want to stay here?”
  • “Of course! It’s much more comfortable than our tiny cave!”
  • “Are you sure you want to marry Harry?”
  • With a snort, she replied, “Someone as pretty as I am will of course deserve to marry the strongest man! If Harry is able to provide me with a luxurious lifestyle on the island, I don’t see why shouldn’t I stay.”
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