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Chapter 161 Improving by Training

  • Yvette’s suggestion was met with Melody’s approval, the type of person who craved nothing short of chaos. All smiles, she instantly declared, “I agree. It’s better that he loses to us than to die at some other woman’s hand in the future.”
  • Chelsea, on the other hand, was a touch reticent. “How is this appropriate?”
  • “It’s fine. Just regard it as sunbathing in a swimsuit.” Melody then brazenly whipped off her shirt, revealing her alluring figure. When Chelsea had shyly slipped off her shirt, Melody couldn’t resist chuckling as she noted, “How busty! Be careful that they don’t bounce out later.”
  • “What? Will that happen?” Chelsea asked apprehensively.
  • “Probably not. Just take it easy,” Yvette replied.
  • Meanwhile, I could only see a vast expanse of creamy whiteness before my eyes. The three beauties were all in their bras, and they were even treating it as though they were in their swimsuit.
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