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Chapter 158 Thunder Formation

  • Flameblade Sword Technique involved infusing Qi into the sword to discharge tremendous power, but I certainly couldn’t use The Path of Solar Fire in front of these people, so I didn’t infuse Qi into the sword but plainly wielded it.
  • Flameblade Sword Technique was divided into three levels. The first level was Flameblade Annihilation that could produce an illusion of several blade silhouettes, but only one silhouette was real, rendering visionary confusion to one’s opponent. When one mastered the first level, one could even make every single blade silhouette a real attack, bombarding the enemy from a dozen directions! Meanwhile, the second level was the Chaotic Dance of Spring and Autumn. This swordplay appeared chaotic, but in reality, it was immensely powerful, growing increasingly stronger as one forged on. There was defense in offense and vice versa. Despite appearing utterly chaotic, a hidden mechanic lay within! Finally, the third level was known as Sword Wielding, such a plain and unpretentious name, yet it was the most difficult part of Flameblade Sword Technique whereby a simple slash carried devastating power.
  • Alas, I hadn’t even mastered the first level, for Flameblade Sword Technique was truly too difficult. With a flick of my wrist before everyone’s gaze, two blade silhouettes manifested simultaneously. However, it fell way short of its power! Flameblade Annihilation had a maximum of 12 blade silhouettes, and at its peak, all 12 could inflict damage. Everyone stared at me with great interest, so I started practicing Flameblade Sword Technique right then and there.
  • “Illusionary blade silhouettes? Who wants to spar with him?” Blade Mania asked.
  • A disciple stood up and declared arrogantly, “He’s just a hillbilly, so let me show him the ropes as his senior.”
  • “Okay, you go on.”
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