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Chapter 154 Can I Sleep With You?

  • As though dreaming, I followed the Honorary Elder to my house. This house is simply gigantic! The house resembled a courtyard house with a courtyard, three bedrooms, and a living room.
  • Sitting in the house, we were all dazzled as we looked around. Chortling with a hand over her mouth, Melody noted, “We’re truly benefiting from our association with Jonathan now. We suddenly get to live in a huge mansion!”
  • Embarrassed, I muttered, “That seems to be the case. Besides, he even mentioned teaching me advanced techniques, so we must really be careful not to give the game away.”
  • “Haha, at the thought of Xavier Powell…” Rosalie laughed uproariously while pounding the table before continuing, “I’m truly in stitches. Serves him right for refusing to tag along back then! We now have a house and money. We’ll soon be living a leisurely life!”
  • Likewise, I felt that destiny was truly interesting. Xavier didn’t dare take the risk, so he lost the opportunity.
  • At this time, four maidservants came in with trays that were filled with money in their hands. All the money was engraved with the word ‘hundred’, so it probably meant that they were in the denomination of hundred. Besides money, the maidservant also carried a bottle of pills. Upon opening it, I saw that they were Pills of Vitality, though they were inferior to those in the ruins back then. After putting down everything, the four maidservants deferentially said, “Master Yates, we’re the maidservants who’ll be serving you from today onward. Our names are Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter respectively.”
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