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Chapter 134 I Have a Dream

  • Everyone looked at me in shock after my announcement, including Jovie. “You’re going?”
  • “Of course. Why should I back down from an opportunity?”
  • “Good!” She smacked her chair and glanced at her subjects icily. “I did not expect my people to be such cowards. You can stand to learn from the Royal Army. How embarrassing.”
  • “Empress…” Xavier gritted his teeth. “Very well then! I shall go too! Since Jonathan is a newcomer, he might betray us. I shall be supervising him on our behalf.”
  • Jovie waved him down. “Don’t doubt our people’s loyalty, Xavier. But I’m glad you’re volunteering too.”
  • He requested, “Empress, please grant me a Pill of Vitality. I need to get stronger to keep him in check.”
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