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Chapter 133 Risk and Reward

  • I went into the residence after telling them off, while Melody went to the guest room to wait for me. When we entered the hall, we greeted Jovie, who was sitting on a lavish chair. She waved us down and announced, “These weekly meetings are something I stipulated. I trust that everyone knows about the Royal Army joining us. Since Sailor Sect is under them, Brivey Palace has effectively unified the island.”
  • Everyone nodded and buttered her up.
  • “Hail the great unifier, our empress!”
  • “You’ve done it, Empress!”
  • Jovie frowned. “Such praises are unnecessary. Today’s agenda will be Brivey Palace’s development. Tell me about our population.”
  • Someone quickly went up. “We have a total of 352 people, including those from the Sailor Sect and the Royal Army.”
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