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Chapter 127 Chasing John Away

  • Everyone stood up straight, just like I told them to.
  • Gordon announced, “As per the empress’ decree, King Yates shall be ruling over Jon City, and he has the right to deploy all the Brivey Palace’s disciples here. Since we’ll see an increase in our ranks, allow me to elaborate on our plans for development. First, I’ll need fifteen from the Construction Department to join the Production Department. Your places will be taken by the Brivey Palace disciples who have moved here.”
  • I nodded. Gordon was right. After all, we had to have full control of our food supply. If we wanted to expand our forces without any prying eyes, nobody from Brivey Palace should be allowed in the Production Department.
  • “Secondly, because of their experience, the remaining staff from the Construction Department will be promoted to supervisors, and Lucia will be the leader. You’ll be supervising your staff, of course.”
  • I smiled, for Gordon had thought this through. If we let the disciples of Brivey Palace construct our whole turf, it’d be the same as handing our fates to them. He promoted the remaining five to supervisors with the pretext of experience, and with that, we held the offensive here.
  • “Finally, from tomorrow onward, all of you will spar against one another for one hour, but remember: no casualties! This is all for the protection of Brivey Palace! If you perform well, you’ll be promoted to instructor, and you’ll be well rewarded.”
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