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Chapter 121 Girl Talk

  • Lucia quickly went to deliver my orders, while I went to the beach with Gordon. When we got there, what greeted us was a merry scene.
  • Rosalie and Melody were here too, enjoying the shade of the shipwreck and the caress of the cool sea breeze. Everyone was stealing glances at their fair legs, and Melody was wearing a revealing bikini, her curves taking everyone’s attention away. Seeing this, I sighed. If they keep staying around, the guys won’t focus on work.
  • The ladies hadn’t noticed me yet, so I crept up on them just in time to hear Rosalie yell, “What are you looking at? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself getting boners? Filthy pigs! You think you can lay your eyes on me? If I weren’t on this island, bottom feeders like you can’t even dream of talking to me!”
  • Rosalie was one rude lady. She had been this way since I knew her.
  • Melody smiled. “Don’t yell at them, honey. At least let them admire your beauty, or else you’d forget about the fact that you’re pretty.”
  • “What about you?” she asked. “Where did you find this bikini? It’s so revealing.”
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