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Chapter 120 Cunning Gordon

  • “Everybody listen up! I’m the boss in this city, and if I’m not here, Gordon will take over my duties! He’s my strategist, so his command is my command!”
  • “Are you mad?” Zachary shrieked. “You’re saying his rank is higher than mine?”
  • I snapped back, “It’s tradition that the strategist will take the place of the lynchpin in the leader’s absence.”
  • Gordon gave me a grateful look and glared at Zachary.
  • “You think you’re all that?” Zachary got up and yelled, “You only got me because I let my guard down! Since you threw the first punch, I’ll retaliate!” He radiated the Qi that could only belong to an Early Profound Stage cultivator. “I know you’re already a Profound Stage cultivator, Jonathan. Even though I’m slower than you, you don’t have any secret scriptures like Brivey Palace has! You think you’re so great because you’re a king? You’re gonna get it!”
  • In the next instance, he darted toward me, yelling, “Falcon Claw!” Zachary formed a claw with his hands, and he swiftly came for my neck.
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