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Chapter 119 How Dare You

  • Oh god. Jovie says the most unexpected things just because she wants to do it. Because she was hugging me, I finished quickly.
  • Jovie, as usual, went through with her word and held it in her hand. “This looks weird. I used to see girls eating this in the books I read. Can I have a taste?” she queried, her interest very much piqued.
  • “No!” I quickly took a towel and wiped her hand in embarrassment.
  • She asked, “Do you hate it? I think the guys in the book love it.”
  • “But the girls aren’t like you...” I said sheepishly. “Enough of that. I have to go back to my city now. Let’s chat next time.”
  • She murmured an assent. “Sure. We have weekly meetings here, so come over once a week.”
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