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Chapter 113 Is She a Misandrist

  • Gordon was a prideful guy, but even he couldn’t defend us now. We walked around the place like two bumpkins on their first trip to the city, and eventually, we arrived at the empress’ residence. After telling the guards why we were here, they told us to wait inside. Jovie was having her meal, so we had to wait for her to summon us.
  • We were told to wait in a guest room, but honestly, it looked like a suite. “Even the houses are perfect here. I bet the pills and secret scriptures are going to be awesome,” I exclaimed.
  • Gordon agreed, “Yeah. They got a head start. Like, running a hundred laps in the first second kind of head start.”
  • We checked the room out and noticed most of the furniture was new. Obviously, Brivey Palace was loads better than us.
  • Halfway through our chat, a woman came in. “The empress invites you for a meal. Your friend shall be staying here, and no business talk during the meal.”
  • “Um, thanks?” Subsequently, she led me into a room, and Jovie was inside. There were a few tables around, filled with food and drinks.
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