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Chapter 112 The Powerful Brivey Palace

  • I was touched by her loyalty, but her personality surprised me a little. No matter though, for she was far better than Queenie. At least she didn’t mess around. Joint practice with Lucia was impossible for the time being. If I taught her how to train in Auspicious Cloud Heart Sutra, it’d close any doors for her to learn The Path of Solar Fire.
  • After tossing the responsibility of Lucia to Queenie, I went back to sleep, but Rosalie had taken my bed. Not wishing to disturb her, I stayed at the bed’s corner and started cultivating.
  • When I woke up the next morning, Rosalie was already lying on my lap. I patted her head and woke her up. “Wake up, sleepyhead. I’m leaving.”
  • She opened her eyes and grumbled, “Why are you here? Go to Two Face, will you?”
  • I smiled dryly. “But this is my room.”
  • She snorted and turned away to resume sleeping, so I left the room. Gordon was already up and ready with our gift—a lobster. We went to great lengths to catch it, so it was stored in a pot of seawater for the time being.
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