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Chapter 108 The Slaves and the Granary

  • Naomi and I hurriedly got up. Before I went out, I entered my own room and told Rosalie, “Someone from Brivey Palace is here. Do you want to come and see what’s going on?”
  • Rosalie turned over. In a frosty voice, she asked, “Did you have a good time with Two Face?”
  • “You heard?”
  • “Yes, and it annoys me to see your face. Now get out.”
  • I sighed; Rosalie was too just too stubborn. Indeed, I knew how much she cared about me, but unfortunately, she couldn’t get rid of this bad habit of hers.
  • When I came out, I expected to see Penelope, but she did not come this time. Instead, there were only those familiar men who were usually responsible for transporting the food.
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