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Chapter 104 The Newly Built Village

  • I asked, “What kind of orders?”
  • Penelope said, “They have issued three orders. Both men and women must complete their work when they receive the order. This is still understandable. But the second order directly requires those people to provide food tributes that are three times the previous amount!”
  • I was shocked. “Three times the previous amount? Are they trying to kill those people?”
  • “According to the empress, now that many people have learned the basics and their strengths have improved, it would be easier to find food than before.”
  • “But triple the previous amount is still a lot. What about the last order?”
  • Penelope said solemnly, “The last one is the scariest. The empress suddenly announced a hierarchical system, dividing her subordinates into disciples and civilians. If they perform well, they will continue to be trained as disciples, while the civilians... Well, they’re equivalent to slaves, you understand?”
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