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Chapter 7

  • Maija
  • We arrive at the restaurant thirty minutes later. It's a steakhouse, and the simple sight of the building makes me drool. There is absolutely nothing I enjoy eating more than a thick piece of grilled ribeye.     “Did I do well?” I look at Zayne who is smiling from cheek to cheek, unbelievably satisfied with himself. Mom must have told him of my obsession with steak, that meddling woman. I wonder if she would be as helpful if she found out he was trying to sleep with me. I chuckle as he looks at me eagerly, waiting for a reply. I mumble something incoherent, refusing to give him the satisfaction. 
  • “Let’s get this day over with.” I frown, pretending to be unhappy, but I am giddy right now to be on this date with the promise of a fat, juicy steak. I know he claimed earlier it was not a date, but from the looks he’s giving me, he was definitely lying.     “Can you pretend you don’t hate me for one night, please?” I look at him, shocked, registering the hurt in his voice. Does he really think I hate him? I chuckle. That is silly. If only he knew how much I want to fuck him right now. Well, maybe this is better; if he thinks I hate him, I have less chance to end up face down, ass up in his bed. 
  • “Maija...” His voice is soft and sounds almost like he is pleading. I smile and nod before I turn to open my door.
  • “Oh, let me get that for you.” He swings his door open, quickly closes it, and jogs to my side of the car. And opens the door. He takes my hand as I step out of the car, then interlaces his fingers with mine as he pulls me towards the restaurant. My body flush with heat feeling his large hand wrapped around mine, and like when he kissed my neck earlier, my knees buckle slightly. I pull my hand away, unable to withstand the heat building from his touch. I cannot let him get his way, not tonight, not ever…maybe. I sigh. This is getting dangerous. With each touch, my resolve is weakening. I veer to the left to separate from him, hoping the distance will calm my
  • pulsing vulva.    “Thank you, big brother,” I say, emphasizing the brother as he opens the restaurant door. I must make it clear to him that nothing will happen tonight, no matter how wet I am right now. He winces at term, brother, but then his face contorts in a devilish smirk. He leans towards me, his eyes darkened with desire and trained on mine.
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