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Chapter 38

  • Zayne
  • I step out into the fresh air and squint as the morning sun hits my face. I unclench my fists and growl. Why is that asshole acting like they’re still together? Why isn’t she telling him not to kiss her? Did they talk things out? Did she forgive him? That thought alone rips my heart out. No, she wouldn’t. Would she? No, she spent all night and this morning making love to me. A small smile cracks my lip as the memories of finally being inside her come flooding back, moving with her, kissing her. But sadness replaces my joy because I still have a hard time believing she loves me even after all that. She kisses me as if she loves me, makes love to me as if she loves me, and smiles at me as if she loves me, yet I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop.  For her to tell me this was just a reaction to Danuel’s cheating, and she really doesn’t love me.
  • I couldn’t look at her at breakfast because I don’t know what she feels right now. I don’t think I’ll be able to let her go if she wants to go back to him.  I've tasted her, and now I'm hooked. Not having her was terrible, but getting her and losing her would devastate me, which is why I’m running from her right now. I look back, wondering where she is. I know she was following me earlier. Did she give up? Does she realize it's too cruel to dump me the day after making love to me?  I grit my teeth. I can’t believe she would do that, but if she thinks I’m going to let her go easily and give up like last time, she is mistaken. I turn back to the house, intending to drag her back to my room and make love to her until she can think of only me. But as I approach the door, she walks out with her friends in toe smiling and laughing. Oh, I forgot they are going to town today.
  • “Hey, Zayne,” Samantha shouts as they approach me.
  • “Hey, guys!” I look over at Maija, and our eyes meet for the first time. She smiles at me, looking a bit sad. 
  • “We gotta go,” Santana says, dragging her away; she waves at me awkwardly before turning and leaving with her friends. My heart drops as I watch the car pull away, with the woman I love, our future now questionable. The pain too unbearable, I decide I need a drink. I storm in the house, slam the door and head straight to the kitchen. I grab a bottle of whiskey, open it, and put it to my lips, but before I can taste the bitter liquid, Jade snatches it from my hands.
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