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Chapter 42

  • Zayne
  • I lay in bed waiting on my love to come back so we can pick up where we left off. I close my eyes as the memory of her lips on my dick comes flooding back, making me horny again. I hope you're ready, my love, because I'm going to work you out tonight. 
  • “You’re happy to see me.” My eyes open immediately at the sound of Sienna’s voice. What the hell is she doing in here? I sit up as she begins to crawl over towards me.
  • “Sienna, what the fuck?”
  • “You said rain check last time, it’s dry now, and you look like you could use to help.” She glances at my hardened shaft. Shit. I’m naked. I spot my boxes on the floor, but as I’m about to get up to grab them, she jumps on me.
  • “Sienna, get the fuck off me and get out!” I try to push her off, but she is clinging on for dear life.
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