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Chapter 6

  • Zayne
  • I walk out of Maija’s room more annoyed than I would like to admit. I cannot believe she thinks I want to date her. Don’t you? A little voice in my head replies, but instead of giving it any validity, I push it to the back of my mind. Of course, I won’t date her, sex sure, but I don’t date. I don’t fall in love. She should be so lucky, any girl would be drooling over me right now. I clench my fist. She has the nerve to reject me, even after wearing my gray sweatpants? These have never failed me, not that I had to use them often. I storm into my room, then stand before the mirror.
  • “I look good.” I nod I know I look good, so why is she so unaffected by me when I want her so damn bad? Am I not her type? I dismiss that thought immediately. I am everybody’s type. The image of her lying in bed in her red shorts and tube top surfaces in my mind. I bite my lip, thinking of her chocolate thighs spilling to the side, highlighting the curve of hips and the roundness of that ass. Man, I can’t wait to map her body with my hands.
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