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Chapter 46

  • “Once Upon a Time, there was a Prince who lived with his father, the King. The King, who had lost his Queen a long time ago, remarried a new Queen from a distant land, and with her, she brought a Princess. The prince, who had never experienced love, was enamored the moment he saw the chocolate beauty. He tried everything to win the Princess’s heart, but she rejected him. Heartbroken, the Prince left the kingdom, not knowing the Princess was in love with him too.”
  • I’m sobbing like crazy as I read the card. I can’t believe he’s doing this. The glass slipper— it’s our very own fairy tale. I sniffle as I continue to read.
  • "The Prince tried his best to forget about the Princess, and he succeeded often, but he would find that whenever he was still, her sweet smile would stir his beating heart. The Princess too thought of the Prince often and missed him a great deal but was unaware of his love; she could do nothing. Over time the Princess’s smile was no longer clear in the Prince's mind, and he learned to ignore the longing in his heart. The Princess, too, buried her love deep down in her heart and tried to move on. It would seem this love story was not meant to be, but as fate would have it, they were destined to meet again. For the King who missed his son called him back to the Kingdom. The Prince was reluctant; how could he face her? But he had no choice but to follow the King’s order. So, he set out and began his journey home; upon his arrival, the Prince reunited with his first love and found his heart still belonged to her. He knew at that moment he would never love another woman. Luckily the Princess felt the same, and after a trip around the world and slaying an ogre, the Princess, and Prince finally confessed their love for each other.”
  • I sniffle and laugh, kissing the card. This is so sweet and romantic. I’m going to be a crying mess when he sees me. I wipe my tears and smile. My heart races, feeling the urge to be in the arms of the man who would move mountains to see me smile. I hurry through the door, intending to jump in the arms of my Prince, but the scene that greets me stops me in my tracks. The hallway is lined with gorgeous golden lanterns surrounded by my favorite flowers and piles of cherry blossoms. As I walk into the main room, it has been transformed into a grand ballroom, with pink cherry blossoms hanging from the ceiling and my favorite flowers all around the room. A band is playing and singing, “I Was Made For Loving You.” I feel overcome with emotions as the love of my life, my prince, walks out in a suit with his gorgeous smile and a hand behind his back, hiding something. My heart flutters as he approaches me with a smile on his face. He removes his hand, revealing a glass shoebox beautifully decorated and it’s holding the other slipper.
  • “Hani…” I cover my eyes up.
  • “Look at me, my love.” I slowly remove my hands from my eyes, he smiles at me.
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